The advice from authorities is ever-evolving with regard the threat of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the impact on how businesses such as Barrowland, as well as individuals, should act.

In particular, the current advice is that gatherings of people greater than 500 should not go ahead. In light of this, whilst much is not known about the status of the shows which were planned to go ahead soon, we have always taken the safety of our customers, staff, and of course the artists and their teams very seriously. To this end, Promoters and Band Agents are working tirelessly to re-schedule dates where possible and to make tickets already purchased valid for those new dates. If a rescheduled date is not yet announced or there is no known status for a show, it is simply that; we do not know the status of the show at the moment.

As I know you will all understand this is a fast-changing situation and we promise to keep everyone updated on a regular basis. As soon as we know anything about a particular show or receive updated advice from the authorities we will let you know.

You can check the latest status of what we know regarding the status of shows here.

We are all in this together, and I know the Barrowland family will get through it by looking out for each other and understanding the impacts caused.

Stay safe.

72 thoughts on “UPDATE ON STATUS OF SHOWS DURING COVID-19 OUTBREAK – Please Read in Full Before Commenting

  1. I have a ticket to see Saxon at the Barrowland on Friday 27th March. Can you tell me if the gig is cancelled or still running
    Thank you

      1. I have tickets to sam fender on the 23rd of march. Can you tell me if this is still going a head or of this has been porosponed. Thanks

    1. I have tickets for sam fender next monday 23rd march?has this been rearranged, as i have a hotel booked, when will be updated if this is being arranged ticketmaster have written on the website check with venue?

  2. This isn’t quite clear. I understand you don’t have new dates for postponed gigs yet but are you saying all imminent gigs are postponed? We have tickets for King Krule on 21st & need to cancel accommodation if this is the case. Difficult time for you, I appreciate. Best wishes to all.

        1. we will post the answer as soon as a decision is made, sorry for any undue stress and thanks for being patient

  3. Sorry but this is not clear. You still have gigs listed as going ahead this week. Are they postponed or not? The Scottish Government say that all gatherings of 500 or more should not be going ahead, so unless you have gigs with ticket sales of less than 500, then surely all your gigs will be postponed until further notice?

    1. 500 is at present a recommendation, not law, the artists and promoters are talking daily, as soon as we have any official info, not rumour or speculation, we will post it.

      It is worth regularly checking our social media is worth regularly checking our social media
      at present that show is not yet affected but we had 2 other shows cancelled so that may change.

      we will try and put any news out asap but it is worth regularly checking our social media you for your patience.

      1. Is the cigarettes after sex concert cancelled for the 28th March I’ve two tickets paid for since November 2019 and hotels booked as we don’t live in Glasgow we’re driving over 3 hours to get there and we really need to know ASAP to try sort refunds out as it’s cost us a lot I understand you may not know but any info greatly appreciated

  4. Hi there ,what information can you give me on the Lewis Capaldi gig.
    My son and his partner will be travelling a distance for it

  5. Does this mean that the venue has made a decision not to follow the recomendations regarding gatherings of 500 or more, and is waiting for the artists or promoters to cancel?

    1. It means that discussions are being had by all concerned parties and as soon as soon as there is any official news, we will post it.

  6. Chin up, guys! Things will get better. Thanks for all the info. The “Show Status” page is a great idea, keeping my eye on it. Wishing you all good health.

  7. Will the latest recommendations from the government tonight have any bearing on future events ? it’s seems like the Barrowlands are not taking any responsibility for their venue and placing the decision solely with the artist .. a copy and paste answer to everyone’s queries seems poor.

    1. Nick I and other staff have spent days answering concerns on here, social media, email and the phone. We are only copy & pasting when people are asking the same questions that have been answered already so I feel your comments are unfair.

      The venue is taking the situation seriously and if you read the thread we are in constant contact with the promoters but what we cannot do legally is unilaterally cancel shows, when it is a “guidance”.

      I will reiterate, as soon as we have any official news, we will post it and until then all we can do is our best and hope people remain patient and understanding.

        1. thanks it is, as you are dealing with disappointed fans, and people losing a wage, and there are a lot of them.

          Stay safe.

  8. Hello,

    I saw something saying that Saxon on the 27th March has been cancelled can you confirm this?

    1. Will tickets purchased for postponed shows still be valid for the new date? Thank you for keeping everyone updated, it’s appreciated.

  9. The only gig in March that has not yet been postponed is King Krule and we know the promoter is in talks with the artist’s agent.

    No April gigs are off , “yet”.

    If anything changes we will do our best to get the message out.

    Thanks for your patience and stay safe!

  10. Twilight Sad Postponed

    Fri 18th Sept – Glasgow Barrowland (Thursday 16th April reschedule)
    Sat 19th Sept – Glasgow Barrowland (Friday 17th April reschedule)

  11. I have noticed the Fratellis gig for April has been rescheduled for October. I am unable to make this date can I get a refund on my tickets?

  12. Hi not heard anything about the Fat Freddys Gig 3 May and not been contacted by about refund or reschedule… you know whats happening thanks?

    1. We have nothing official but give the FM’s statement this morning that large gathering will not happen for months I would assume it is off.

      I will ask again.

      Thanks for your patience.

  13. Hi. We were notified over 4 weeks ago that the christy moore gig has been cancelled but we still havent received a refund. Can you help?

    1. sorry you have to contact the point of purchase or promoter, the venue has no control over ticketing, hopefully they will sort it soon, good luck.

        1. I have asked 3 times and not had a reply, sorry but given the current rules I very much doubt this will happen.

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