3 thoughts on “Glass Animals Rescheduled to 9 Nov 2021

  1. hi,
    will i need to be vaccinated?
    im due to get my second dose literally on the morning of this event, is that ok? or do i need to have been double dosed for at least 14 days?

    1. Not at present, there is a full list of requirements on the site and Facebook, though these may change if the artist, promoter or government ask for mire.

      1. Current CV19 Safety Measures for all Barrowland Shows are as follows:
        1. Please use the CV19 QR barcode, which will be on display outside the venue or leave name and contact number with steward on register at front door.
        Note: If you can’t scan the barcode, having your details on a piece of paper ready will help speed up the process.
        2. Everyone will be temperature checked before entry.
        3. Wear a mask at all times but it can be removed for eating, drinking and dancing.
        Note: If you are “mask exempt” please have the card displayed on a lanyard so stewards and other customers can see it.
        4. Stay in your personal bubble as much as possible.
        5. Please respect other peoples’ personal space wherever possible.
        6. It is a “recommendation”, (not mandatory) to take an LFT up to 48 hours before show.
        Please note some artists are demanding more safety measures and if there are any changes, we will try and post them but we recommend you visit the artist’s site, before any show.
        Be well, be safe, enjoy the music x

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