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  1. Hi I’ve just bought 2 tickets. Is it a 14+ show as advertised on the site. The tickets I bought say 18+. My 15 year old son is coming with me.
    If you could clarify it would be appreciated. Cheers

      1. Thanks for attempting get this clarified. Will you be able to qualify whether its 14+ or 18+ in a subsequent post please. It is clearly v. Important to get it sorted.

        1. yes, as soon as I get clarity from management, who will need to ask the promoter.

          I checked and both ticketing sites clearly say 18+ on the booking page.

          Once again sorry for any confusion and this does concern me, as the poster has no age limit and we are normally explicitly told when a gig is 18+

          I have removed the age limit on the site and I will post as soon as I get a response.

          1. Sorry still waiting for an answer from the promoter, I have asked twice.

            a 17 year old without a fake ID is a rarity lol

  2. Has this been moved to SWG3? Just got an email to download our tickets from PCL Presents and it’s showing SWG3 now on the poster but everywhere else is still showing the Barras.

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