UPDATE: We now only request that people take a voluntary lateral flow test for entry and wear masks when queuing for entry, bar etc or dealing with staff.

The LFT test can be registered with the Government website.



You can still gain entry with proof of full CV19 vaccination or medical/age exemption.

We still request people take LFTs, even if you are fully vaccinated.

Please wear a mask when queuing for entry, toilets, bar etc or dealing with members of staff or people you do not know.


Only those who are under 18, medically exempt, or part of a vaccine trial will not be required to show this.

Full details on how to download the app or required paperwork can be found at the link below.

When attending the gig, we kindly ask that you also:

• Wear a face covering when you are not drinking, dining or dancing

• Stay in your bubble where possible

• Take a lateral flow test prior to traveling to the venue

• Use hand sanitiser and have good hand hygiene• Check in with NHS QR code on arrival

Be safe, be well, keep the music flowing!!!!

FAQs Answers:

1. If you are medically exempt you do not have to show a reason for your exemption on any document, only that you are medically exempt, and the venue must by law treat any medical info they see in confidence. Advice on obtaining an exemption certificate is in comments below.

2. We will be accepting legal proof of full vaccination from any country.

3. Even if vaccinated we still strongly request, (not demand) that people take a free flow test 48 hours before any show so you know you will not infect anyone.

4. Masks are required when queuing for entry, bar, toilets etc.

5. Under 18s are exempt from the need for certification. For the small number of teenagers who appear to be over 18 venues may ask for evidence of age. All young people in Scotland over the age of 12 are able to access a Young Scot card

6. All refunds are from the Point of Purchase the venue hires to a promoter, who choses the ticketing agency so Barrowland has no authority to issue refunds.

7. Staff, crew and bands are working and cannot choose not to attend so they will either be vaccinated or tested and wear masks where appropriate, as per Gov mandates.

PS: Most customers have been supportive and understand we can’t do anything about this but for those sending abusive emails, comments or messages to the admins, this achieves zero other than getting you blocked!


113 thoughts on “CV19 Entry Requirememts

  1. Hi

    I will be travelling from the UK for the KAssidy show in December. WIth the Governments new ridicoulus rules, does this mean I will no longer gain entry? I have had 1 vaccination and won’t be having another due to adverse reactions and nearly dying!!

    If I can’t gain entry will you be refunding me?

    1. I am sorry to read this.

      The Scottish Government Law is that you need to be fully vaccinated or have proof of medical or age exemption. The venue has no choice but to follow the law.

      If you had a reaction you should follow the advice here to get an exemption certificare:


      If you cannot or do not want to do that you will need to ask the point of purchase for a refund, as the venue hires to a promoter and has no control over ticketing.

      Good luck.

    2. Hi I’m attending yungblud on the 8th of Dec, I’ve noticed that the website says proof of a negative lateral flow test is acceptable for entry, will I still need my 2 jags? Thank you 🙂

      1. You can gain entry by either having 2 jabs or a proof of a negative flow test.

        even if you have had 2 vax, we request that you still take a flow test so you know you can’t infect anyone.

        enjoy the show

        1. Hi there, I’m attending Wolf Alice on the 16th and have received my two vaccines- but I only got the second this week, so it won’t have been active for 14 days by the time the gig rolls around. Will providing a negative LFT allow me entry? The legislation continues to change so I’m very unclear! Thanks in advance.

          1. Negative LFT is fine, as we are asking everyone even fully vax’d to take one to keep others safe.

            Enjoy the show.

    1. There is a difference in legislation for people who work and people who attend the event, because the people who work, don’t have the choice not to attend!

      Everyone in the venue working on the night will need to provide proof of a full vaccination or that they have been tested, including artists! Venue staff will also be masked at all times!

      Please accept this is not the venue’s choice and if you have any complaints please address them to your MSP, as we can’t help!

  2. My son is 17 but his 18yr old friends haven’t been double vaccinated. Will he be able to attend and will he be refunded

    1. If your son is under 18 he is age exempt at present so yes he will get in but may be asked to show ID to prove he is under 18.

      Any refunds are from the point of purchase and as the venue hires to a promoter we don’t have any control over their refund policy so you would need to check with the place you bought the tickets from.

      Note: We have no idea how long the Gov age exemption will last so if he wants to attend future gigs, you may want to consider starting the vax process soon but that is your and his choice.

  3. Hi I’ve had covid a few weeks ago and it means I have to wait 4 weeks till I can have my jab, does that mean I cannot enter?

      1. Hi there, I’m attending the fontaines DC gig tonight with my friend however I found out he doesn’t get his second vaccination til next week, is it completely mandatory to have proof of two vaccines to get in or is it possible to attend with one dose and evidence of a negative lateral flow test?

  4. Hi, we have been living in Russia and were doubled jabbed there with the Sputnik vaccine. We have our record cards and paper antibodies certificates. Is this ok for getting in?

  5. I’m fully vaccinated in an EU country and have an EU digital covid certificate with QR code to prove it. Is that acceptable to gain entry?

      1. Hi there, my friend had one Covid jab and is due another one soon. We are meant to be going to the Patrick Toppings event this Friday, If he took a lateral flow test and it’s negative, can he still gain entry or does he still needs to be double vaccinated?

  6. The paper vaccination certificate, does this have to be an up to date one. I have my certificate issued back in July

    I recently haven’t been keeping well, nothing to do with covid, so I unlikely to wear my mask, due to breathing problems. Wearing a mask makes it harder for me to breath at this current time

  7. We are travelling from Dubai to Scotland to see Del Amitri in December. We have been doubly vaccinated in Dubai and have their app to show it. Is this sufficient evidence to be allowed entry into the gig? It has a QR code but I think this may be only relevant to Dubai. Should we print off our vaccine certificates?

  8. I am double vaccinated with the Beijing vaccine (Sinopharm) and only currently have a photocopy and email of my certificate, will this be accepted?

  9. My Scottish mate who lives in England is coming up for the Waterboys and has printed off her covid status and has the original ID given a point of vaccination however she is a bit of a dinosaur..she doesn’t drive and her passport ran out about 10years ago will she need some short of ID coz I’m not sure what to suggest to her?? She arrives tomorrow.. Monday. Thanks..

    1. ID can be asked for so it is always good to have but they are not normally checked unless the door thinks something is hooky so while I cannot guarentee it, you should be ok.

  10. Hi, my son is travelling from N. Ireland for the Frank Carter gig next month. He is fully vaccinated and has digital certificate that’s available in NI. Will this allow him entry ? Many thanks!

    1. yes but a hard copy would be advisable as there has been issues with the 2 systems talking and it may save drama.

  11. I have issues with the Covid app so just use a PDF copy on my phone. Will I need to show ID to verify who I am as well or is the PDF copy enough?

      1. If your using a pdf copy on your phone, and security ask for id, what happens if I dont have any. I have a passport, but no way I would carry this on me, to easy to lose it

  12. Hi, I’m coming from Northern Ireland on Saturday for The Waterboys. I have been double jabbed & have an NI Direct issued COVID Vaccination Certificate (on my iPhone). Does this suffice…… ?? Ali.

  13. I am double jabbed and have been since July. I am a healthcare worker. I just tried to download the app but can’t login as my details aren’t recognised. The woman on the phone said it will take two weeks for them to begin to investigate but the gig is in 5 days time. The law came into affect after I bought the ticket- any way you can help?

    1. Sorry but the law states that you have to produce proof of full vaccination or exemption (if asked) to gain entry and the government, and venue has been warning people for months that the new law will be coming in.

      If you have a paper or PDF copy of your vax we can accept that.

      Some people have managed to access by reinstalling the app or creating a new account or using a different phone.

      Sorry again but the venue will get fined if we do not check at least 50% or knowingly let in anyone that os not vaccinated or exempt.

      Info on how to get a paper or PDF copy is at the link below.


      1. Might have had months notice about the scheme but didn’t have any notice that it wouldn’t work. And see tickets won’t issue a refund either so you can see why people are annoyed.

        1. Everyone at the venue are music fans and while we can empathise, there is zero we can do, as we have to follow the law and ticketing issues are decided by the promoter who hires the venue.

          We cannot comment further beyond, we will be following the law.

  14. Booster jabs, for future concerts like June 2022, if someone refuses to take the booster jab, might be down to personal reason. My last vaccination was June 2021, so 12 months later going to a concert at the barrowland, but no booster jab

    What would be your position on this, would be treated in the same light as un-vaccinated persons

    Even if you dont dont how the gov might apply this, would like to hear what you think

    1. We have no opinion beyond we will apply the law as it stands at the time.

      At present the law is adults over 18 must have 2 shots unless medically exempt. Under 18 are age exempt at present, though this may change soon so we urge people to start the process so they don’t get caught out by any future changes.

  15. Hi

    We are attending the glass animals gig on Monday the 8th. Is the venue accepting cash or is it non cash. Ie for the bar or merchandise

  16. On the Scotland NHS App my COVID STATUS (under the Scottish flag) shows “Your COVID status is no longer valid” but under the EU/International travel shows that I had my 2 vaccinations, with dates for both of them and its QR codes.
    This is an app issue that I’ve been advised to send an email to get it fixed (which I did) but if that doesn’t happen before the gig I’ll attend at the Barrowlands on 14/11/2021, will I be able to get in since I have proof that I’ve been vaccinated twice?

  17. I’ve had tickets for two years for fear and loathing, I have my first jab done but have to wait for my second, can I still get access?

    1. Gov have stated that we cannot allow anyone in the venue who is not either fully vaccinated or has a medical of age exemption (under 18).

      By law we have to check 50% of those coming in so if you get asked for proof and cannot provide it , you won’t be allowed entry, sorry the venue has to follow the law.

  18. Hi! How do you check the Covid Pass? We have problems with our phone screens and have had issues with the codes scanning. Need to know if we need to replace the screens before the gig.

  19. Can you please tell me how I go about being refunded for tickets for a concert I have booked next week as I was attending with somebody who is not double jagged and at time of purchasing tickets this was not a legal requirement

    1. You have to contact the point of purchase.

      The venue hires to a promoter who chooses the ticketing agency so we have no power regarding ticketing and all contact must go through the point of purchase, who is the only one in the chain who can issue a refund.

      While we can empathise with people who have been affected by the new rules, the venue has no further comment beyond we will follow the law.

      Good luck.

  20. Will there be lateral flow tests available to purchase or should this be done before attending? Also is it only certain providers that will be accepted or are NHS tests accepted?

    1. There will not be tests on sale at the venue.

      You will need to do your own test up to 24 hours prior and as yet we have not been given a list of acceptable tests.

      If we do get any further info we will post it asap.

  21. Hi, I’ve been double vaccinated but my physical proof got sent to an old address and we’ve not been able to get it redirected, I have screenshots of the website stating when and where I have been vaccinated, does this count as proof?

    1. which show are you talking about?

      From 6 Dec all you need to show is a flow test, which may be easier than trying to convince the door person a screen shot is legal.

      1. It’s tomorrow and Saturday. I don’t know what you mean re convincing the door person a screenshot is legal?
        My husband and I have gp letters re exemption, but can’t take lfts as told not to for something like 120 days after infection.
        I don’t want to turn up and have disputes about the letters, which is why friend asked previously if the gp letters would be accepted.

    1. Not at present, though we are still requesting that everyone takes a free flow test, vaccinated or not and wears masks when queueing for the bar, entry, toilets or dealing with Ballroom staff.

  22. I got my daughter these tickets as a birthday gift,
    She is 17 and double vaccinated,
    Her friend is 17 and had one vaccine, but will provide proof of a neg test on night.
    Can they get in without me as it saying lead booking person must be present, thats me, but I’m not attending the concert.

    1. If they already have the tickets, they will be fine.

      If they are collecting them from the box office they will need proof of purchase and some form of email or letter from you.

      The box office is located on the right, just past security and opens at doors /pm

  23. Hey I am attending YUNGBLUD on the 7th and 8th and I was wondering with the lateral flow test do we need to bring the test with us on the night or can we take a photo of it and show it at the door??

  24. What improvements to ventilation and air quality has the venue introduced to limit covid spread? Government guidelines will help limit the number of infectious individuals, but it would be naive to think the net will catch everyone.

  25. Hey, we’re bringing my partners dad up for the Levellers this weekend. He’s double jabbed and boosted but he lives in a caravan in the middle of Devon so trying to help him sort his vaccine passport over the phone is a nightmare. Am I reading the guidance right by thinking he’ll be able to get away without it if he has a negative lateral flow logged on the day?


  26. The LFT test for entry starts today and they need to be registered with the Government website.



    You can still gain entry with proof of full CV19 vaccination or medical/age exemption.

    We still request people take LFTs, even if you are fully vaccinated.

    Please wear a mask when queuing for entry, toilets, bar etc or dealing with members of staff or people you do not know.

  27. Very concerned about the attitude of Barrowlands punters to mask wearing. Virtually no compliance on the ‘ballroom floor’ , and no, they’re not dancing, just mostly standing watching the band. I always wear my mask but seem to be in a tiny minority. Can Barrowlands staff do any more to enforce mask wearing compliance please. Feeling very threatened and unsafe as a punter these days.

    1. All people attending the event will need either proof of full vaccination or a current LFT to gain entry.

      We are also requesting that fully vaccinated people also take and LFT and we repeat that all fans should wear a mask in public areas or dealing with our staff who will be vaccinated or tested and wearing masks, to protect you and others so please give them the same courtesy.

      Once 2000 people are in the venue it is hard to enforce mask wearing in the crowd so I would suggest you keep yours on and move away from people who are willfully discarding the rights of others to feel safe.

      Having spent almost 2 years in lockdown, we really need people to do their bit to keep live music and music fans alive in Scotland.

      Come, enjoy the show but please be safe!

  28. Do you think given the latest figures on this newly evolved variant of covid-19 that any upcoming shows could be cancelled at short notice? We are planning on attending OCS on Saturday but seeing that Del amitri have already cancelled do you think the rest of the bands could follow suit?

    1. Del Amitri have only cancelled their NHS show so far, as the NHS are already high risk and need to be fit for work to deal with any surge.

      At present we still expect all other shows to go on but that really will be down to Government and the artists themselves to decide the risk, and we will do our best to get info out if anything changes.

      1. I’m attending ocs tonight I have my Covid passport on my phone. Do I also need to provide a negative lateral flow test or is the passport enough??

        1. passport is enough though we strongly request that people take LFTs before every show even if vaccinated but this is not mandatory

  29. Hi, I am due to come on the 5th of January for Wolf Alice, I was wondering if it is still going ahead with the latest COVID restrictions in Scotland regarding events. I’m travelling from the North of England.

    1. The restrictions are for 3 weeks so it would suggest this show will need to be rescheduled, as soon as we get any official info from the band or promoter we will post it.


  30. Hi, with the restrictions supposedly being eased shortly in Scotland is a vax still required to attend IDLES on Feb 5th? I’ve exempted myself through choice due to being hospitalised with a very bad reaction to the first one so I refuse to go through that again to attend live gigs.


    1. At present you need proof of full vaccination or a negative LFT within the last 48 hours

      so you will need the LFT

  31. Hi!
    I just buy the tickets for The Vaccines concert next 24 april. I’m living in Spain and i fully vaccinated,
    Do I have to do a previous LFT test or can I enter with proof of full vaccination? Or both?
    I answer this because i cant register my LFT test with the goverment website because im not a UK resident, i only have the UE digital certificate and i dont know if i have any problem to enter.
    Sorry for my english and thank you so much!!!

  32. Hi, my husband and I are in the vaccine control group and have ID cards. We are coming to see Killing Joke in April, do we just show our ID cards at the door?

    1. I am not sure what you mean by that but if you are not fully vaccinated you will have to show proof of a negative LFT at the door.

      Note: We request that even if people are fully vaccinated that they take and LFT before attending so they know they are safe to attend.

      Enjoy the show.

  33. I’m going to a gig this weekend, and have had my first two vaccines but not my booster. Please rest my anxiety and confirm that along with a negative lateral flow test will be enough

    1. It was not clear how this effects indoor events, as soon as we know we exact details, we will post something.

      Thanks for your patience.

  34. I am going to Halestorm on 7th March. As I understand it there is no legal requirement for the covid passport, it is up to businesses if they want to do it on a voluntary basis. Will you still require the covid passport or LFT?

    1. We are still requesting, (not demanding) that people attending take an LFT and wear masks when queuing for bar, entry, toilets etc or dealing with Barrowland staff.

      Be safe, enjoy the show.

    1. No but we do request that people take a voluntary LFT and wear masks when queuing for entry, bar etc

  35. Hello, a friend and I will be attending the Eric Nam concert this Sunday, we’re both vaccinated however I’ve had problems and my Covid App just isn’t working. It’s mentioned that we can use a negative test (within 48 hours) to enter instead. Is this still acceptable?
    Thank you 🙂

    1. we are no longer asking for passports but we do ask that everyone take a voluntary LFT before attending

      enjoy the show

  36. The site won’t allow us to upload the negative result, however we have photo proof of the test, will the be enough as the venue is this evening and the site says the test numbers format is invalid?

    1. you no longer need proof, we only ask people take a voluntary test so they know they are safe


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