13 thoughts on “Peter Hook & The Light (A Celebration of Joy Division) Rescheduled Show

  1. Does anyone know whether this concert is still on. I live in the US and I am not sure whether we are able to get to Europe.

  2. They have moved the concert to January 2021, it appears the organisers are not considering a refund, even though the cancellation means the date of the gig has been put back a full 8 months!!
    The fact that this coronavirus and the impact it has on social gatherings could mean even a date in January 2021 is optimistic, these organisers are determined to hold on to the money you have already paid over. Come January, they may postpone the gig for another 8 months.
    Ever felt like you have been stitched up?

    1. I doubt the are being cynical or greedy and will be as keen as fans to get this and other rearranged shows completed, as that would mean life is back to normal.

      Have you enquired at the point of purchase about a refund, normally they will issue one if you can’t make the rearranged date.

      Good luck and be safe.

        1. Yes original tickets should be valid but if you have any doubt please contact the point of purchase

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