25th October 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrowland Ballroom
DF Concerts



Max 4 per person also The lead booker must be in attendance and photo ID checks will be made on entry into the Venue.   If the ID does not match entry will be refused.  ID must be in its original form and not a copy and The resale of tickets is only permitted via the artist’s official resale platform “Twickets”. Transferal of tickets is not permitted under any other circumstances.

14+ Show, due to licencing laws:

Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

16- 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

IMPORTANT “Accessible ticket through Ticketmaster ONLY”

30 thoughts on “Sam Fender – Rescheduled Show – SOLD OUT

    1. it says on the event sold out so sorry but it could be worth asking on our facebook or twitter

  1. Current CV19 Safety Measures for all Barrowland Shows are as follows:

    1. Please use the CV19 QR barcode, which will be on display outside the venue or leave name and contact number with steward on register at front door.

    Note: If you can’t scan the barcode, having your details on a piece if paper ready will help speed up the process.

    2. Everyone will be temperature checked before entry.

    3. Wear a mask at all times but it can be removed for eating, drinking and dancing.

    Note: If you are “mask exempt” please have the card displayed on a lanyard so stewards and other customers can see it.

    4. Stay in your personal bubble as much as possible.

    5. Please respect other peoples’ personal space wherever possible.

    6. It is a “recommendation”, (not mandatory) to take an LFT up to 48 hours before show.

    Please note some artists are demanding more safety measures and if there are any changes, we will try and post them but we recommend you visit the artist’s site, before any show.

    Be well, be safe, enjoy the music x

    1. I’ve just found out show rescheduled to l this coming week and can’t make it. I have 2 for Tuesday 7th September night if interested.

      1. Ticket Scams

        It is going to be busy on the next few weeks, people will be excited to see shows again and we know tickets will be changing hands but please remember we have a policy of “Face Value Only” on the Group.

        As ever there will be scam artists out there and we will try and block them but please be careful and here are some tips to stay safe.

        1. Never part with cash or tickets until you are 100% sure the person is legit.

        2. When exchanging tickets or cash do it in a safe public place and take a friend if needed.

        3. Never pay more than face value!

        4. Keep/get contact details before the deal and a paper trail. If they will not give you contact details beyond Facebook, do not buy!

        5. Do not pay with PayPal Friends and Family, as it does not protect you!

        6. If selling never post a photo of the tickets with the barcode showing.

        7. Do as much of the transactions in public, so we can see who is dealing with more than one person!

        8. Check the person is still a group member once you agree a deal, they may join then leave when they get their cash.

        9 Please publicly question or out people ASAP, as it will save others pain.

        Sorry again and try and enjoy your Barrowland shows, despite scam wankers !!!

  2. The tickets I have were bought for me as a gift so the cardholder won’t be present, will I need to bring their ID with me as they won’t be present on the night?

    1. Have a picture of it and an email or message from them should do the trick, and their number in case the promoter decides to have a clamp down on resales. .
      Enjoy the show.

  3. I bought tickets of a friend – I don’t have the original holders ID ? Does that matter? And are the original tickets saying March 2020 valid ?

    1. Original tickets are still valid

      It is not normally an issue unless the artist or performer wishes to have a crack down on touting, then they do have the right to refuse entry.

      Please have any correspondence text messages, emails etc from the original owner with you and you should be fine.

      1. I cant get access to any messages or emails from the original owner – but I do have the receipt for the tickets? Is that the same or is it necessary ?

        1. You should be ok unless they have a clampdown but with CV 19 checking and 2000 people to get in I doubt that will be the ficus.

          Enjoy the show.

  4. Is a photo on my phone of my passport considered suitable photo ID? I don’t have a photo driving license. It’s just I’d rather not be carrying my passport around all evening. Thanks.

  5. Hi, I’m purchased a ticket off ticketmaster re-sale however it still hasn’t arrived and hasn’t even been shipped yet. I am not having much luck with ticketmaster to be honest. Is it possible for ticketmaster to leave the ticket at the box office for me to collect on night? I am travelling from Newcastle and my train is early Tuesday morning.

    1. sorry you are being stressed but we have zero control over Ticketmaster, hopefully they will be at the box office, which is on the right just past security.

      Doors are at 7 and please take all proof of contact with Ticketmaster, good luck.

      1. Great thanks. Also I bought tickets through Ticketmaster resale so I think they will arrive with the previous buyers name on them. Will my email confirmation from ticketmaster be enough?

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