8th August 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrowland Ballroom



Saxon announce a new date for Scottish fans to see the band following the cancellation of the Glasgow Braehead Arena show on October 18th 2019 due to Lead Singer Biff Byford’s recent heart operation.

The new date is Friday, 27th March 2020 & the venue is Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom.

Due to venue restrictions this show will NOT be a “Castles & Eagles” production as previously advertised.

Biff Byford says
“I am very sorry that we couldn’t reschedule the previously announced show at Braehead Arena with the full production we had planned, but after a couple of weeks of trying to get availability at Braehead Arena & other Scottish venues that could house the production we had drawn a blank. We decided we had to play a show for all our fans in Scotland and Barrowland Ballroom stepped up with clearing the date we needed. Unfortunately due to Barrowland’s size restrictions we cannot put the Castles & Eagles production in and hope you all understand, but we will try to make this as special a show for you as possible”

Special guests on this show will be Girlschool.

Tickets purchased* for the Braehead Arena show will remain valid with a refund available for the price difference.

Additional tickets are available from

*Pending on outlet used to purchase Braehead Arena tickets, will determine whether new tickets are valid for the Barrowlands date. If any tickets are not valid for exchange (and refund of price difference) then a refund of original ticket price is available so you can purchase a new Barrowland Ballroom ticket. Your ticket agent will confirm.

11 thoughts on “Saxon & Special Guests Girlschool

  1. My son bought us tickets through Ticketmaster for the Braehead show. Should we just bring those tickets with us, or do they need to be exchanged?

    1. Normally original tickets are valid and he should have had an email notification but to be 100% sure you should check with the point of purchase.

  2. Lets hope its on as im flying from gatwick to see it really looking forward to it even more since biff cancelled solo tour

  3. I’m due to fly to attend this and need to change my flights, cancel hotel etc if it’s has been cancelled/postponed. I’m confused though. On the Barrowlands website, it would appear that the gig is postponed until 8th August, but on here it seems to suggest it has not been affected yet? Can you clarify the situation please? Thank you.

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