7th December 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrowland Ballroom
DF Concerts


14+ Show, due to licencing laws:


Note: If you are disabled or have mobility issues, please read the FAQ section of the Barrowland website before purchasing tickets.  www.barrowland-ballroom.co.uk/faqs

Please also note Barrowland Ballroom cannot at present accommodate motorised wheelchairs but we have a stair climber for manual wheelchair users, details are in the FAQs.

If you are in any doubt about access after reading the FAQs, please call the office for detailed advice.

23 thoughts on “Yungblud

    1. Lynn, if you purchased via ticketmaster it’s a very long process. We have to wait for ticket master to confirm new dates. Once this has happened they will email all ticket holders who have to follow a link to choose to have tickets transferred or a refund. Then the new ticket sales go live for any left over tickets. Ticketmaster will not refund anybody Until this process has happened, I went through it a few weeks ago for another event. Hope this helps.

    1. perhaps if people cannot attend the rescheduled date and worth asking on the Barrowland social media, nearer the time.

  1. I bought tickets to this event via ticketmaster fan to fan service and have tried to contact them about this for months, on my order it states that the tickets have been sent out, but I have never received them nor any tracking, and I cannot get through to ticketmaster via any means, what am I to do should it reach the date of the event and they have not supplied my tickets? I am significantly stressed about this and input would be greatly appreciated, thank you

      1. Thank you, my tickets are listed as sent 3 months ago which is why I’m concerned, I understand you cannot help further, I just wanted to reach out – I presume if they do not respond to me and my tickets don’t arrive I won’t be able to access the event? Thanks for your time, I will keep trying with ticketmaster

    1. Yes under 18 at present are age exempt, though the Gov has said this will change at some point so we strongly recommend you talk to your Doctor about starting the process if you wish to attend future shows.

  2. Due to the new legislation, will a recent (within 24hrs of the event) negative LFT result be adequate for entry to the venue? I believe the change takes place on 6th December 2021.

    1. From 6 Dec we will be accepting proof of a CV19 lateral flow test or full vaccination.

      We still ask people to take flow tests if they are fully vaccinated so they know they cannot infect others.

  3. The LFT test for entry starts today and they need to be registered with the Government website.



    You can still gain entry with proof of full CV19 vaccination or medical/age exemption.

    We still request people take LFTs, even if you are fully vaccinated.

    Please wear a mask when queuing for entry, toilets, bar etc or dealing with members of staff or people you do not know.

  4. the age restrictions for 16 and 17 year old on ticketmaster says we shouldn’t need a responsible adult but now on this site it says we do? why was this rule changed ?

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