11th March 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrowland Ballroom
DF Concerts


14+ Show, due to licencing laws:

Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

16- 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Note: If you are disabled or have mobility issues, please read the FAQ section of the Barrowland website before purchasing tickets. www.barrowland-ballroom.co.uk/faqs

Please also note Barrowland Ballroom cannot at present accommodate motorised wheelchairs but we have a stair climber for manual wheelchair users, details are in the FAQs.

If you are in any doubt about access after reading the FAQs, please call the office for detailed advice.

20 thoughts on “Yungblud – New Date

  1. In light of the current situation we have tickets for youngblud on 23rd May we are in Birmingham and will have to book accommodation but we will need to know asap if this concert is being rescheduled

      1. The fact that the gig is in less than a month and there is no info on it being rescheduled is insane! We NEED an update asap.

        1. We have asked the promoter and they are dealing with 100’s of shows and artists and while everyone is aware of the need for information, they also have to wait for firm guidance from government health experts and/or the artist so they may not be able to answer yet.

          As soon as we have any info we will post it, thanks for your patience!

  2. The show is allegedly in less than 3 weeks and the country is still in lockdown. We’re being told social distancing is likely to be in affect until next year; this obviously isn’t happening so can we get some sort of update about cancellation or rescheduling?

    1. I asked about this concert again last night and I still have not had a reply, nor has the artist posted anything on their site, note I have had no reply from him either.

      Given the FM statements I doubt this will happen but I can’t change the site until we have confirmation from the artist or promoter.

      Sorry if it is causing any stress and thanks for being patient.

  3. Still nothing about re-scheduling or cancelling this concert despite the fact we are now in lockdown till 28th may ???

    1. we cannot post anything until it is cleared by the artist and promoter but yes give the FM’s comments, you should assume this will be postponed!

      Note I have personally asked the artist and not had a reply!

      best I can do sorry!

  4. Ok so now it has been stated that the concert ( it was obvious anyway) is not going as head. Now the next piece of information required is when it’s being rescheduled to which date and also details to request a refund. Totally disappointed in the Barrowlands lack of communication in this. I even called for info a week ago but there was no information then. Transmit in Glasgow are offering refunds or rescheduling for the July festival 2020. So I have been able to request refund. Common Barrowlands get the communications out to ticket holders ASAP!! What else are you waiting for ?

    1. Michelle, Sorry you are disappointed but your post is unfair, if you took time to read this thread you will find over and over that the venue does not have the right to post information on shows, without it coming from the promoter who hires the venue or artist’s management who is the person that tells the promoter if the show is going ahead, or if the show is being postponed or cancelled.

      It is already a stressful time for the industry, nobody wants to see cancelled shows or put people at risk and if you feel the venue is not passing on information please talk to the artist and ask him to inform us, the promoter and most importantly his fans what is happening.

      Sorry again but in the end, we cannot post info we do not have and the moment we have any confirmed info, (not rumour or assumption) it will be posted.!

      Stay safe, stay well!

  5. I fully agree that this isn’t barrowlands fault. Ticketmaster haven’t even updated the fact it’s been postponed. It has really disspointed me how Yungblud have dealt with this. I cancelled the hotel at the start of lockdown as knew this wouldn’t go ahead, but barrowlands is right not to have given updates without information from the artist/promoter. I look forward to when this is all over and we can once again rock at the barrowlands. Have you guys thought of doing some special tshirts to help you guys out during this difficult times?

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