25 thoughts on “Sam Fender – Rearranged Dates

    1. Had these tickets since sept 2019, been rescheduled numerous times, what is your grounds on self declare medical excemption as you will know you should not be questioning someone’s exemption as the same for masks as it is against 2010 equality act to do so.

  1. Hi, Have you got any idea, on how the new Covid passport coming into affect in Scotland from 1st October will affect people travelling from England for this gig?

        1. Can you confirm if the Barrowlands are going to go forward with the covid passports for the Sam Fender gig? If so will ticketmaster be allowing refunds after the many change dates which is now allowing people not to attend due to this?

          1. The venue will do what the law says it has to do and at present that is vaccine passports, as of next week, unless you are medically exempt or under 18.

      1. Hi there. We’ve bought some resale tickets this week via Ticketmaster for Tuesday 26th October. Presumed we’d be issued new tickets and in my name, but we’ve actually been sent the original tickets by the original purchaser (presumably otherwise there would be a risk we’d both turn up!) The date on them is the original date of 24th March 2020. Can you clarify that this will be acceptable to gain entry? Many thanks

    1. If you were first night, then you remain first night, ditto second.

      The changes were as follows

      23/24 Mar 2020
      7/8 April 2021
      7/8 Sep 2021
      25/26 Oct 2021

  2. Is the Barrowlands coming under nightclub and going to be exempt from the new covid-19 passports ? It seems unfair people will be discriminated if they have not accepted the vaccine or just had one jag.

  3. Will you be accepting a negative result from a lateral flow test as an equivalent to a vaccine passport? The theatre venues are doing this.

    1. No, the mandate from government we have received does not allow that.

      from 18 Oct you will need proof of full vaccine or health/age exemption to enter the venue.

  4. Hi I have a question in regards to the recent spikings have been having across the country. Will you be taking any precautions at the concert to try to make sure nobody is at risk of getting spiked?

    1. we are working on a statement that will be issued soon, needless to say we are asking everyone to care for other fans and report anything suspicious.

      full statement to follow.

  5. Hi
    Do you have stage times please? Is there a support act. I am travelling and due to roadworks on the motorway could do with some idea of times. Thanks

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