17th June 2022 @ 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Barrowland Ballroom
Regular Music

14+ Show, due to licencing laws:

Under 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

16- 17 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

Note: If you are disabled or have mobility issues, please read the FAQ section of the Barrowland website before purchasing tickets. www.barrowland-ballroom.co.uk/faqs

Please also note Barrowland Ballroom cannot at present accommodate motorised wheelchairs but we have a stair climber for manual wheelchair users, details are in the FAQs.

If you are in any doubt about access after reading the FAQs, please call the office for detailed advice.

All accessible tickets and carer tickets MUST be purchased through the point of purchase!!!

18 thoughts on “Goodbye Mr Mackenzie – Rescheduled Show

  1. Hi,
    Can you tell me what Scottish Covid vaccine requirements / documentation will be required for the GMM show on the 17th of December, please?

    I will be travelling from England for the weekend.

    Thank you

    1. They still have not made the app compatible with the English app so best have proof of 2 x vaccines on PDF or paper, which is being accepted until they sort things out.

      We also request that people have a free flow test 48 hours before but this is not mandatory

      enjoy the show and safe travels.

  2. The LFT test for entry starts today and they need to be registered with the Government website.



    You can still gain entry with proof of full CV19 vaccination or medical/age exemption.

    We still request people take LFTs, even if you are fully vaccinated.

    Please wear a mask when queuing for entry, toilets, bar etc or dealing with members of staff or people you do not know.

  3. Hi All

    I’m coming up from Newcastle for the gig. I just want to check it’s all going ahead still with the recent omicron announcements.

  4. I am very anxious about attending the Goodbye Mr Mackenzie on Friday night and am seriously considering not going which would be so so disappointing but I really want to stay safe this year and be able to spend Christmas with my grandchildren after missing out last year. I know I will lose my money but that’s a secondary consideration to the health risk.

    1. We fully understand the concerns but if everyone is fully vax’d, gets LFTs and wears a mask, people should be safe.

      However if you wish to pursue this, you need to pass your concerns on to the band, as it will be their choice in the end and the venue must honour its contract, unless Government steps in or the band request a postponement.

  5. Goodbye Mr Mackenzie


    Hi everyone…with the current Covid infection rate numbers getting worse we’re truly sorry but we have taken the decision to postpone our gig in Glasgow Barrowland tomorrow.

    Please hold on to your tickets and we hope to post more information about a reschedule asap. X

  6. Due to emergency train timetables has the concert been brought forward to enable people to get the earlier last trains

    1. Not that we have been told, and it may be hard to change technically, though I will ask the promoter but maybe if fans suggested it to the band it would have more chance of happening.


    Doors open at 7:30

    Lola In Slacks on at 7:45

    Callum Easter at 8:15


    Live Music Curfew 11pm


    Cards are accepted in both Bars and Merchandise stall.

    Cloakroom is open 1 pound per item, please bring change.

    The box office opens at doors and is located on the right, just past security.

    Enjoy the show

  8. Thanks to Tickermaster my tickets didn’t show. They thought a refund would cut it. Pathetic. Good luck to the band however.

    1. sorry to read that but next time just take proof of purchase to the box office and there were tix available on the door tonight, which we posted on this thread.


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