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  1. The LFT test for entry starts today and they need to be registered with the Government website.



    You can still gain entry with proof of full CV19 vaccination or medical/age exemption.

    We still request people take LFTs, even if you are fully vaccinated.

    Please wear a mask when queuing for entry, toilets, bar etc or dealing with members of staff or people you do not know.

  2. A concerned fan has brought to our attention that there are people on the OCS Fan Group are discussing using fake passports to attend the Glasgow shows.
    Not only is this irresponsible and puts other OCS fans at risk, it is illegal.
    In Scotland you can gain access to the venue by showing proof of vaccination or taking a simple LFT test and registering it here: https://www.gov.uk/report-covid19-result
    Why anyone would be so selfish and stupid to try and cheat their way in and put other fans at risk is as dumb, as it is abhorrent.
    The venue has a duty of care to responsible customers and will be doing checks on paperwork and IDs and will refuse entry to anyone that cannot prove they have a valid CV19 vaccination or current LFT Test, that matches their ID!
    To those fans coming who have been fully vaccinated, we still request that you take an LFT test so you know that you cannot infect others. You only have to show one or the other at the door!
    Please also wear a mask when queuing for entry, bar, toilets and dealing with our staff, who will all be vaccinated, tested and wearing masks, to keep you safe!
    Sucks that I need to post this!

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